Aid is a lost kirby made by Poyo Ride many years ago.


Drawing of what Aid looked like.

Who is Aid? Edit

Back in like 1st grade for Poyo Ride, Aid's series was basically The Air Ride Series. Aid starred in a lot of made up 4 player spin off games, with his friends, Yellow Aid, Red Aid, and Green Aid. Aid had a dark blue body with orange feet, while his friends had bodies and feet the same color as their name says. (Green Aid is Green) Aid had a typical kirby sprite, with eyes and a dot mouth.

He and his friends starred in many made up games, including a minigame in "Aids Resort Trip" where you swim to the goal. The Aids starting points were spread out. The red one had an unfair advantage, while the green one spawned away from the others and had to swim up a tunnel before he could swim down to the chest, which he would be at Red's starting point, while the red aid would be there. One of his games had him go to school and you had to complete missions without getting caught by Mary, a pink kirby with hair like Granny Torrellis. Poyos personal favorite was "Aids colusiem," (I kant spel) where aid and his friends fought. Each aid had 6 HP, and the aids fought, every 30 seconds, a minigame happened, and the winner got to strike an aid for 1HP. Poyo says he would change the HP to 20 and the game would be perfect.


Aid will appear in SMSB in the 2nd DLC Pack. He will use attacks from his lost games. His palette swaps turn him into the other aids.

Moveset Edit

Special Moves Edit

Netural Special-Aid thrusts a sword forward (Based off of Aids Coluseim) 9%

Side Special-Aid throws a paper airplane (based off of Aids School Adventure) 6%

Up Special-Aid gets a jetpack and flies up. (Based off of Air Aid)

Trivia Edit

Aid got his name from Band Aids, because Poyo saw those when we was trying to think of a name for him.