Air Ride Series Kart is a comic based off of Mario Kart Wii, but with Air Ride Series Touches. It has a total of 9 confirmed Guest Characters. 2 from each series with Dogs Having four.

Confirmed Drivers Edit

Middleweight Edit

White Kirby

Blue Kirby

Yellow Kirby

Red Kirby

Green Kirby

Purple Kirby

Bowser Jr.

Green Link (Guest)

Blue Link (Guest)

Yellow Kirby (TAOYK) (Guest)

Light Edit

Brown Kirby

Pink Kirby

Ashbond (Guest)

Green Kirby (GKAR) (Guest)


Ridley artwork.

Rosie (Guest)

Blue (Guest)


Large Edit

Dry Bowser

Giant Yoshi


Granny Torrelli (Guest Character)

Dyna Blade

Black Kirby (TAOYK) (Guest)


Bandit (Guest)

Red Kirby (Guest) (GKAR)

Koda (Guest)

  • King Boo and Rocky are shown in Artwork, and are silhouettes on the Driver Confirmation Image. Meaning its very Likely they are coming. King Boo is 100% a Heavyweight, as Mario Kart Wii characters use their Mario Kart Wii Models while on Vehicles, and Rocky is likely a Middleweight.
    WIN 20150304 155156

    Confirmation of the comic, as well as the short comics coming to Facebook as well.

  • Apparently, Ashbond and rosie are drivers for Comic Relief.
  • Guests

    artwork of the guests.

Tracks Edit

There will be 52 tracks. 36 will be original, and the other 16 are from Mario Kart games.

Mushroom Cup Edit

White Kirby Circuit

Fanasty Meadows

Celestial Valley

Blue Kirby Turnpike

Flower Cup Edit

Highway of Drunk Drivers

The City

Sky Sands

Frozen Hillside

Star Cup Edit

Beanstalk Park

Machine Passage


Battleship Halberd

Egg Cup Edit

Checker Knights

Giant Yoshi Circuit

Magma Flows

Dry Volcano

Triforce Cup Edit

Dyna Blades Nest

Death Mountain

Ganons Castle

Brown Kirby Circuit

Crossing Cup Edit

The Ocean

Coelacanth Circuit

The Flower Garden

The Island

Bell Cup Edit

Super Bell Hill

Branching Pathways

Mario Circuit

Battle Ring

Special Cup Edit

Nebula Belt

Dream World

King Dedede's Castle

Rainbow Road

Leaf Cup Edit

GCN Sherbet Land

Wii U bowsers castle

Lightning Cup Edit

Tick Tock Clock

Pirahna Plant Slide

Grumble Volcano

N64 Rainbow road

Guest Cup Edit

Pickleberry Street

The Doggy Park

Tappy Cown

Hypoop Village

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