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Air Ride Shuffle is a video series, showing off Pokemon Shuffle with an air ride series makeover.

Characters Edit

The characters are like Pokemon in Shuffle. Each with a type, attack power, and ability.

White Kirby

All Patch


Dyna Blade



Meta Knight

King Dedede

Freddy Fazbear

Transformations Edit

Like in Shuffle, Transformations appear as the Mega Evoloution equivelant of the series.

Confirmed Transformations Edit

Phantom Foxy

Primal Kyogre

Primal Groudon

A transformation for White Kirby.

Confirmed ThingsEdit

Teaser 1Edit

Phantom Foxy


Groudon/Primal Groudon

Meta Knight

All Patch

Dyna Blade

At least 75 stages

Teaser 2Edit

Primal Kyogre


A meter that shows how close a character is to Mega Evolving.

  • Also indirectly confirms that Groudon likely has a transformation

Different Settings

White Kirby

Wood Block disruptions

13 icons in each column, instead of 14. Likely to make room for the mega gauge

King Dedede

Freddy Fazbear

There are now 4 rows

Teaser 3Edit

Each atage has an ending screen


Primal Kyogre summons regular Kyogre as a disruption, as Kyogre is not on the image, but on the Primal Kyogre fight.


Advice after each level, as in Pokemon Shuffle.


Teaser 4Edit

DJ Octavio

Primal Kyogre is a transformation

Brown Kirby

Expert Stages, and at least 17 of them

Blue Kirby

Power of 5

Found by source codeEdit

Teaser 3-Meta Knight will have an attack power of 80.

Teaser 4-White Kirby can transform. He gets on the Hydra.



When one goes to save the first teaser, the file name is ARShuffle Phantom Foxy. When saving the second teaser, the name is ARShuffle PK. The third teaser, when saved, has the file name of Metabrokenknighthasthepowerofeighty. Teaser 4 says WhiteKwillgoonthehydrawhenhetransforms.

According to Poyo Ride, when making the DJ Octavio Teaser (Teaser 4), he had trouble correctly placing the icons below the match of five brown kirbys, in order to make it even.

Primal Kyogre and Groudon's shown icon in Teasers is different than in the finished series, as when Poyo was putting Kyogre into Comic 66, he used the card image and made it like a shuffle icon on accident. So he used that for the finished series. He also changed Groudons, which was shown in a teaser, and some other planned Pokemon Transformations.

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