Antasma is a character in The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

Antasma is one of 8 million billion gazillion villains in Crappy Town. He likes to give people nightmares and often attacks Crappy Town for no reason


Antasma is a jerk, as he often attacks things and gives people nightmares. Many people hate him.

Fate Edit

After the end of the Classic Era of comics, which was comics 1-11, Antasma didnt appear again until the end of the picking up era, (Comics 12-30.) despite being a confirmed Main Character. Antasma was then actually thrown back because Poyo Ride now wanted him to show up every now and then instead of being the main villain, but still continued his "trilogy." Antasma has not made an appearance in a comic for quite some time, and the last Antasma Trilogy Comic was Comic 38. Comic 90 confirmed the trilogy would be a long comic and that Poyo Ride does not know what a trilogy is. (A trilogy is a 3 part something, such as Fright to Da Finish, however, the Antasma trilogy would have been more than 3 comics.) 

Poyo Ride says he wanted to make an Antasma X Comic around the first 20 comics but thought it was too early for that. 

Poyo Ride has recently replayed Dream Team. He says Antasma is returning as a character. However he won't be a main character.

Gallery Edit

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