The Battle Gauntlet is an area in little town, similar to The Gauntlet and the Battle Ring in BIS and Dream Team. You can fight powered up versions of previous bosses.

Classes Edit

  • Class 1-Shadow Star X
  • Class 2-All Patch X
  • Class 3-Groudon X
  • Class 4-Dyna Blade X
  • Class 5-Kyurem X
  •           Reshiram X
  •              Zekrom X
  • Class 6-Blue Kirby X
  • Class 7-Mettaton X
  • Class 8-Rayquaza X
  • Class 9-Mewtwo X
  • Class 10-Kirby X
  • Class 11-Miss Robot X
  • Class 12-Mrs. AMP X
  • Battle Meledy-All previous bosses + Zapdos

Giant BattlesEdit

  • Class G1-Primal Groudon X
  • Class G2-SDP Dyna Blade X
  • Class G3-Mega Rayquaza X
  • Class G4-Ridley X
  • Class G5-Mega Mewtwo Y X
  • Class G6-Giant Miss Robot X
  • Giant Meledy-All previous bosses +giant yellow kirby


Dark Kirby, Green Kirby, Yellow Kirby, and Alakazam are not fought in the Battle Gauntlet. Dark isn't fought because he is the final boss, and in all M&L games, you don't save after beating the final boss, which is the same thing here. Alakazam isn't fought because he is a secret boss. Green Kirby and Yellow Kirby aren't fought as they are minor bosses.

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