KAR BlueBox

Blue Boxes are boxes in TARS.

About Edit

Blue Boxes are the fan favorite box among all kirbies. They are the boxes that drop patches, which makes them the most popular and liked box. However, they can also give you a meal as well, making them annoy kirbies, unless they did need the food.

Air Ride Series TCGEdit

Blue Box card
The Blue Box is a character. He is unable to go in the air. It is a more defensive character. It's first attack is the Offense Patch. This doubles the power of the next move once. This will not wear off if using a non attacking move. The Meal heals 200 HP. The glide patch puts glide patches in the air, and after the box dies, the glide patches attack for 30 damage each. This will be increased to 60 damage if the box dies with the Offense Patch attack in effect. The last attack is the weight crush, a weak 40 base power move that brings airel opponets to the ground.

The Blue Box has the highest HP in the game, but is last on the speed chart. Since he cannot go in the air, he is vunerable to ground only attacks. If Brown is out, Blue Box can be very much be destroyed by the Earthcrush attack. However, the blue box can use this to an advantage. Spam the Glide Patch attack when Brown attacks. It will take about 12 hits to defeat the box, but the Glide Patches will attack Brown, destroying a huge chunk of his health. The Blue Box's meal can be very useful, especially against Red Kirby, who isn't guarnteed to hit every time.

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