Blue Kirby is a Kirby from Green Kirby Air Ride
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Personality Edit

He is a combination of This Blue Kirby and Green Kirby 121098's original ideas. He is sad because no one likes him. he always takes pieces, and He and red Kirby are best friends, and the troublemakers of the 8 kirbys in GKAR. For example, in the lighthouse comic, Red stole Green Kirbys box for him to see what was inside.

Trivia Edit

Blue Kirby is similar as Blue Kirby from the air ride series. He both takes the pieces and hates White Kirby. They are not the same character

  • This was why he was excluded from the SMSB roster.

According to a comment by Poyo on his article on GKAR wiki, Blue is the color that represents Sadness, and Blue Kirby is always sad, and Poyo says this is most likely not a coincendence. Though Red Kirby and Yellow Kirby can prove this wrong, as Red is angry, and Yellow is joyful.

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