"Ah yes, I have finally stolen Zelda's favorite necklace. I heard these types are worth 6 thousand dollars, time to store it and sell it on Saturday"

Blue Link is one of the 4 links in the Four Swords Journeys Series.
Blue Link

Personality Edit

Blue Link likes to steal everything, including valuable objects from the Hypoop castle. Most of the residents prefer the other 3 links over him. He has a secret stash of things he stole, and every Saturday, he SELLS them.


Trivia Edit

He does not take phones, unless they are not owned by anybody.

He seems to be inspired by Blue Kirby from The Air Ride Series. This is because both like to steal stuff from others, both have blue as a primary color, and both are blue recolors of a character (Kirby and Toon Link)

Blue Link was the first Link to remain silent for a comic. This implies that all 4 links will be in every comic, as the comic would be the same without him.

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