Boo, the main character of Boo Party 8.

Boo Party 8 is one of Poyo Ride's many series'. Poyo Ride started it in January 2016. He then cancelled it due to the amount of series' that he had. However, he decided to start it again. As of June 2016, Poyo Ride says that it is the series he will be focusing on the most. (Besides TARS) The series officialy started in July 2016. Poyo says he may expand to the other Mario Parties with Boo.



Boo is the main character of Boo Party 8. He usually has the worst luck on the boards.


Birdo is Boo's rival and often messes him up.


Peach hacks the game to win.


Has a hobby of saying "I'm a squid!"

​Hammer BroEdit


Hammer Bro is an artificially created Hammer Bro made by Bowser.


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