Character Elimination
Character Elimination, TARS Edition is a competition between several TARS characters that was announced on DeviantArt on March 30th, 2016.

Teams Edit

Team Red Edit

White Kirby

Blue Kirby

Yellow Kirby

Red Kirby

Dyna Blade

Shadow Star

All Patch

Poorly Drawn Kirby

Mega Man

Lucario Sinnoh


Jumping Assbot

Metal Man

Quick Man

Yellow Devil


Flowey the Flower

Miss Robot

The Art Teacher

Team Blue Edit

Green Kirby

Purple Kirby

Brown Kirby

Pink Kirby

Meta Knight


Orange Kirby

Dyna Blades Mom


Air Man


Swerve Star

King Dedede


King K. Rool

Mrs. AMP

Hosts Edit

Poyo Ride


Rules Edit

In each part, the teams (or the characters after the teams are broken up.) have to do a task. The losing team or characters are up for elimination, and in most episodes, a character will do something bad and they get 3 votes added to their score. In each part, poyo ride asks the viewers who they want to be eliminated, and the character with the most votes wins. The last character standing wins.


This was inspired by a type of Go Animate Video.

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