These are the main likes and dislikes of all the characters In the series.

White Kirby Edit

Like - City Trial.

Dislike - People Taking his pieces

Dyna Blade Edit

Like - Being Sexy, Trampling People

Dislike - Kirbys

Blue Kirby Edit

Like - Pieces

Dislike - white Kirby

Yellow Kirby Edit

Like - patches

Dislike - Red Kirby/Pink Kirby

Red Kirby Edit

Like - Helping white Kirby

dislike - yellow Kirby

Shadow Star Edit

Like - Being Free/Hiding

Dislike - Being Found

All Patch Edit

Like - the U.F.O.

Dislike - Kirbys

Orange Kirby Edit

Like - Looking at Nintendo news on his laptop.

Dislike - That he was not in air ride

Ridley Edit

Like-Fan games with him playable.

Dislike-Nintendo, Bosses

King K. RoolEdit

Like-Being in games without a cameo role.





Mrs. AMPEdit



The Art TeacherEdit


Dislike-Anything that is not red.

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