The Coelacanth is a very very VERY rare fish that is often mistaken for a Sea Bass. The
Coelacanth says this all the time, "I SWEAR IM A SEA BASS SO DONT CATCH ME IM NOT A SEA BASS WHO SAYS HES A COELACANTH IM A SEA BASS!!" He is olny caught by people actually wanting the sea bass, either for the encyclopedia or the museum.

Orgin Edit

The Coealcanth (Pronounced Seel-u-canth) is an extremely rare fish thought to be exctint. But found off the coast of south Africa in 1938.

A real coelacanth

Trivia Edit

The Coelacanth olny shows up in Animal Crossing when it rains or snows. In this series, however he has been caught in sunny weather.

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