Comics are the main way of showing events in TARS, Granny Torrelli, Dogs, Four Swords Journeys, GKAR,

Comic 36

An example of a comic.

TAOYK, and A day in the life of The Shadow Star.

Types of comics in TARS Edit

RegularComics Edit

Short comics are one picture depicting an event going on, such as Brown Kirbys Volcano, The mayflower sinking, or Orange Kirby trying out for air ride. 

Where to find Edit

This wiki

Green Kirby Air Ride Wiki


Go Animate (First 20)

Twitter (Starting with Comic 150) @RealPoyoRide

Long Comics Edit

Long comics are a bunch of short comics that go together to tell a story, they are much more plot focused. They are exclusive to The Air Ride Series. That means GreenKirby121098 did not invent them.

Where to find Edit

This wiki


Panel ComicsEdit

These comics have a few pictures (usually around 4-20) which shows an event that is too long for a Short Comic, and too short for a long comic. An example is Comic 69. They were invented by Poyo Ride. However, they are not an exclusive, unlike long comics, because there was a GKAR comic about CoD where it had 4 panels. Poyo Ride Invented them in the Granny Torrelli series in the second comic. All Patches 101 was the first TARS comic to be a Panel Comic.

Where to findEdit

This wiki

Green Kirby Air Ride Wiki


Go Animate

EX ComicsEdit

Comics about things, and stuff. They are actually pretty rare. Poyo says they will have the characters opinions on nintendo directs, or other splatfests not in NA.

​Part ComicsEdit

Part Comics consist of panel comics that take up more than one comic number.

Where to FindEdit

This wiki




May 15, 2015-50th comic made

October 30, 2015-100th comic made. This is actually on Poyo Ride's birthday.

June 5, 2016-150th comic made.

November 15 2016-200th comic made.

Trivia Edit

The anneversity of comics by Poyo Ride is January 19. Deviantart Comic anneversity is January 24.

GKAR was the series inspiring comics for TARS. TARS currently exceeds GKAR in comics... by a lot.

Poyo Ride's favorite comics are Comic 36, Comic 73, and Comic 79. His least favorites are the old version of comic 2 (not the remake) and Comic 38.

Comics were first considered being a TARS thing when Poyo Ride showed his cousin, Green Kirby 121098 a picture of a wrecked beach on facebook. GreenKirby121098 asked him to make it a comic, though Poyo Ride said maybe tomorrow, as it was about 11PM, and he couldn't go on the computer he had paint on, and was stuck on his laptop


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