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Comic 113: Dr. Mario's Misadventures

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Comic 113

Plot Edit

White Kirby goes to the Hospital for his checkup, and Mrs AMP is there to discuss her perscription with Dr. Mario. (Which involves drugs) However, Kirby inhaled The doorknob, meaning White Kirby and Mrs. AMP are trapped In Dr. Mario's Office. There's only one way to get out.........DESTROYING THE HOSPITAL!

Characters Edit

Dr. Mario

White Kirby


Mrs. AngerManagementProblems


Poyo Ride refrences Dr. Mario with lyrics by Brentalfloss in the description on deviantart, by saying, "I am Dr. Mario and I am saving lives..... I forgot the rest."

This comic was originally called Dr. Mario's Hospital, but was changed to Dr. Mario's Misadventures, because White Kirby and Mrs. AMP are there for reasons where they should not be going to a hospital.

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