Comic 116

1 way to get an angry mob following you is the 116th TARS Comic.

Trivia Edit

Every character (other than himself and White Kirby) is a character that Poyo Ride would rather have, even if there was no K Rool. This includes a few intresting picks, like...

  • Shantae, who, while had great popularity, was used as a placeholder for Poyo's least wanted character.
  • Daisy, who, while not having any major popularity, ranked in the top 10 in a fan poll Poyo Ride saw.
  • An arwing, an idea someone suggested to Poyo.

White Kirby, Dry Bowser, Purple Kirby, Mr. L, and OoT Ganondorf appear due to there being no DLC palette swaps.

Poyo Ride says he forgot to include Bandana Dee in the comic.

This comic got 96 views on deviantart 1 day after being released, as well as a few comments, and four favorites, recordbreaking for a TARS comic.

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