Comic 123

10 ways Kirby will end the world is the 123rd TARS comic, and the kickoff to 2016 comics.

Ways Kirby ends the world Edit

  1. Kirby makes a Facebook post joking that he will end the world, and a terroist is inspired.
  2. Mrs. AMP talked a lot about the Sun yesterday, so Kirby gave it to her as a present.
  3. Kirby tells an asteroid he missed the planet, so the asteroid goes back to hit it.
  4. Kirby loves learning about extinction events in school, so he makes a 6th one for the future to learn about.
  5. Kirby stole Zeus's master lightning thingy something, and if it isn't returned, a big war will start.
  6. Kirby is making prank calls to random people and asking if they can destroy the world, before saying he is kidding. However, he calls Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls and Bill says okay to Kirbys joke.
  7. Kirby turns off Planet Poopstars magnetic field.
  8. Kirby is tired of hot days, so he evaporates the sun. 
  9. Kirby activates all the spare Miss Robots in the Ride School basement and uses (presumably) to make them destroy the world.
  10. Kirby eats the world.

Errors Edit

In Way 9:Miss Robot's text is pink instead of Black.

Trivia Edit

Way 5 is a refrence to Percy Jackson:The Lightning Thief, where Zeus's master bolt thingywhatnot is stolen and Poseidon is accused, and if it isn't returned, World War 3 or something will start.

Poyo Ride claims his favorite panel is #3, because of the asteroid's face.

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