Comic 150
The Destruction of Ride School is the 150th Comic and the final school comic that takes place in Ride School. It revolves around the destruction of Ride School.

Plot Edit

On June 2, 2016, Mrs. AMP is starting her science lesson. She tells the kids about a supervolcano beneath the school. She then puts Kirby on a leash.

After the peroid, the students are switching to Second Period. However, lava comes out of nowhere and pours into the hallway. Mrs. AMP comes out of her room to check on the noise, when she sees the lava. Everybody is sucked into the lava and outside the school.

The school is now flooded with lava. Kirby realizes that the TNT Factory is in danger, and throws it into his backpack. Mrs. AMP asks how the TNT factory fits in his backpack, and then proceeds to blame Kirby on it. Kirby points out that he was under strict supervision by Mrs. AMP for the past two days, and Mrs. AMP would've noticed his absence if he had left. Kirby is ruled out of the suspect list. The firemen say the only object that survived the lava was security footage. Upon checking the security footage, it is revealed Miss Robot threw rocks into the volcano and it erupted. Whoopsies.

Trivia Edit

This was inspired by a minecraft world made by Poyo where he made the school the best he could. (He didn't know how to make a Superflat world, so the school was on an island.) Duplicated the world, and poured lava in the school on the duplicate. He then had the idea for the schools destruction.

This is the last comic to take place in Ride School.

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