Earth Awakens (Earth is Awakened on Deviantart) is the 15th TARS Comic. The remake is the third Giant Battle Comic, after Comic 180 and 183.

Characters Edit

Comic 15

White Kirby

Red Kirby

Earthwake (first appearance)

Shadow Star (cameo)

Silver Kirby

​Remake OnlyEdit

Cackletta (First Appearance)


Comic 15 Remake
As Poyo was doing comics for the 5 dream team giant battles, this comic was remade. This was possibly the most different remake. It introduced a new character as well. One of the panels is almost identical to the original comic.

Trivia Edit

The name of the comic is very misleading. Most would believe this comic is about something really destructive awakening from earth or something, but its just a battle with earthwake.

Red kirby is huge in the comic, with white on his head. This is a refrence to giant dreamy luigi from Dream Team.

This is the third comic to focus on the characters fighting someone. The first was comic 5, and the second was comic 6.

This comic possibly has the most drastic change when remade.

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