Comic 161


The chronicles of the Ice Climbers is the 161th comic in TARS. It revolves on how the Ice Climbers destroy Mt. Everest and shoot down a helicopter bringing 3ds's to America.



This is the first comic to have more than one Intro Screen.

The last panel contains more text, other than duh end, which reads

Text what it means
Maybe More?

Means Poyo Ride might make another Ice Climber Comic

Comic Sans Rules Poyo says that comic sans rules, which was the font used for this comic.
Put Ice Climbers and K. Rool in Smash 5 Poyo says that IC and K. Rool should be in Smash 5.
Twitter @RealPoyoRide Poyo tells people on Deviantart and this wiki his twitter handle.
@SQUWAK666 Dyna Blade's old twitter handle
Check out my wiki, The Air Ride Group Wiki Poyo tells people on deviantart and twitter to check out his wiki
Miss Robot's Wheel Something Random
Cloudass Something Random

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