Comic 167
Mettaton's Car Business is the 167th comic in TARS.


Mettaton is selling cars. He tells everyone how sexy his cars are while running away from a police car, before crashing into a bus.

Meanwhile, Dyna Blade wants a refund as there is no gas in the car, and there's nowhere to insert gas into the car, unlike with most cars. Dyna Blade wants her money back and threatens to delete System 32 off of Mettaton's hard drive, when a crowd of people come demanding refunds for their cars. Mettaton tries showing off his legs when a cop comes to accuse Mettaton of selling fake cars. As Mettaton denies, the cop remembers the 5 escaped inmates that were shown on TV. It just so happens Mettaton is one of them.


  • Mettaton's car is noticeably different in the second panel than in the first panel.
  • Mettaton being an escaped inmate is likely due to him getting arrested in Comic 163. It may also be due to Mettaton getting arrested for running from a cop car in the second panel, which would mean he's broken out of jail several times. However, the latter explanation can be disproven as a Cop in Comic 168 says "Hey aren't you the inmate who escaped jail twice"
  • It is revealed that Mettaton's last name is FUCKASS.
  • This is the second time Mettaton gets arrested.
  • Mettaton was presumably selling fake cars to everybody, instead of cars without gas and places to put the gas.
  • This ends a 2 week long hiadeus on comics.

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