Comic 168
Mettaton's House is the 168th TARS Comic


This is the only Mettaton Comic to be uploaded right after the last one.

This is the first time Sans appears in a comic. (Comic 147 is excluded)

Mettatons pictures include Mettaton's face photoshopped onto Hitler's Face, Mettaton falling off a cliff, Mettaton getting hit by a car, and Mettaton getting hit by an explosion.

  • Poyo Ride says he wanted to have one of the photos being Mettaton getting executed, and one be Mettaton drowning, but none of the images were good. He also thought of having Mettaton do 9-11, but he didn't know how to do the image.
  • After finishing the pictures, Poyo Ride says he thought of the idea for one of the pictures to be Mettaton drinking bleach, but the pics were done.

The deviantart description implies Mettaton stole the mansion.

Mettatons bed was originally going to be a doghouse.

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