Comc 169
Papyrus's Puzzling Puzzles is the 169th comic.


White Kirby


Sans (Cameo)

Mettaton (While he doesn't appear, a Machine that looks like him appears)



Deviantart DescriptionEdit

Welp, another Undertale Comic. It's time to introduce a new Undertale Character, THE GREAT PAPYRUS. NYEH HEH HEH. Since I love Undertale and I am addicted to its soundtrack, I don't want Mettaton to be the only recurring character. His last comic about his house tour was really boring in my opinion, and I missed the perfect opportunity to put the Creeper in that comic.

Oh and also, my shitty laptop doesn't have every font in the world, so I couldn't use Papyrus as my font.


Papyrus's hobby on his intro screen is a refrence to his check description in Undertale.

The Great Mystery Maze is actually the CORE from Undertale.

Papyrus's intro screen cuts off most of his boots in this comic.

In one panel, you can see Gaster drinking bleach.

  • Gaster's hands are also grey and his right eye is more open.

Papyrus referrs to the creeper as a Blue Penis, despite the Creeper being green. This is a refrence to Purple Shep, a Minecraft Fan Character who is supposed to be the ugliest and stupidest mob ever, who always referrs to Green as blue.

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