Comic 170
Lockers is the 170th comic in TARS. In this comic, Kirby and Miss Robot get their lockers for the first time.



Miss Robot

Mrs. AMP

White Kirby (Comic 171 ad)

Dyna Blade (Comic 171 ad)

Mettaton (Comic 171 ad)

Deviantart DescriptionEdit

Yup, it's time to start up the school comics again. Now last school comic Ride School was destroyed, so it's the first school comic to take place in the new school. It's blue, so that means it's better.

Anyways, in this comic, during the first day of school, Kirby and Miss Robot get their lockers, but trouble happens quickly.


Kirby and Miss Robot's numbers appear to be 21 and 22. However, in the background when Miss Robot grabs her chainsaw, one of the locker numbers is 21, despite Kirby and Miss Robots lockers apparently being next to each other.


Despite being a teacher, Miss Robot still has a locker.

This is the first comic to take place in the new school, Crappy Town Academy, instead of Ride School.

Comic 171 Teaser

Comic 171's Teaser

This is the first comic to foreshadow the next comic.

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