Comic 173
Fun in science is the 173rd TARS comic.

​Deviantart DescriptionEdit

"Hey kids I'm back from doing nothing for a week. I'm back in SKOOL and that's fun. Imma do lots and lots of homework and reading. Reading is probably my least favorite subject. "REMEMBER KIDS YOU GOTTA PUT IN TEXT EVIDENCE IN EVERY QUESTION AND ANALYZE THIS 200 YEAR OLD BOOK THATS REALLY BORING." Luckily the reading teacher is pretty cool and I have another really cool teacher for my advisory. Anyways today its time for a new school comic. Expect a lot of these. It's skool time and school comics are my favorite comics."

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the lazier comics, as barely any of the characters speak and theres no real plot. It also has a white background and Mrs. AMP's face is a bit badly drawn and not colored.


Mrs. AMP's face is not colored.

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