The Battle of Bunker Hill is the 179th TARS comic. It pokes fun at the "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" order.

Deviantart Description Edit

A long time ago I made a comic about the Boston Tea Party. It was one of the best out of the first 50 comics in my opinion. Now for some reason, we relearned the American Revolution in Skool, yay. Today is the battle of Bunker Hill. Remember to not fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Oh wait, why are they wearing sunglasses.

Also i'm making an American revolution timeline right now for school. I hope I get a J-

Trivia Edit

The idea for this comic, according to Poyo Ride, was made 2 school years before it was made as a comic. (Around the first 50 comics) However, it was only for the sunglasses part.

In this comic, White Kirby is on the british side, while in the Boston Tea Party Comic, he was a Patriot, due to being on the ship during the tea party.

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