This article contains mature content and is not suitable for everyone. If you do not like this kind of stuff, please find another article.

COMIC 1800
Robo Drilldigger battle is the 180th TARS Comic.


This is marked as mature on Deviantart due to Prince Dreambert demonstrating how to "heal."

This is the first appearance of Prince Dreambert since Comic 11.


When white is telling dreambert that what he is doing is not healing, one of his arms is uncolored.


Deviantart Description

Recently I decided to replay Mario and Luigi Dream Team. I'm about at the part where you battle the drilldigger, (I beat it as i'm writing this) so since I made an Earthwake comic a long time ago (LONG, it's like Comic 15) I decided to do all 5 giant battles, alongside a heavy remake of comic 15. So here you go.

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