Comic 187real
Magma Flows is the 187th comic in TARS. It is a comic about Magma Flows, which is a track in Kirby Air Ride.

Trivia Edit

  • Poyo Ride says he will be doing a Fantasy Meadows comic soon.
  • This is not considered a panel comic, despite having a box in the corner.
  • This is the second comic to tease the next comic. However, the tease was incorrect, as the next comic was about the new Purple Kirby.
    • Poyo Ride says that this would be the last comic with a next time ad on it, due to the one on this comic being 3 comics away. However, Comic 199 had a next time ad, as Poyo was 100% sure what Comic 200 would be.
  • An unfinished version of Comic 187 was put on Discord, right below to your left. It only has the teaser, Stadium Prediction White Kirby, and a faceless Yellow Kirby.
Comic 187

The unfinished version of the comic.

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