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9-11 is a comic in The Air Ride Series.

Comic 21

Characters Edit

White Kirby

Neon Tetra

Shadow Star (heard speaking)

Stadium Prediction (first appearance)

Trivia Edit

In episodes where a city trial match is recorded, stadium prediction is a main character. This is actually his first comic appearance though.

This is Stadium Prediction's cover photo on Facebook.

This comic was suggested by GreenKirby121098. He was on facebook with Poyo Ride while Poyo was making Comic 20 and The Small Fish Gang, and he asked what the fish should do next, and GreenKirby121098 said, "Make them do 9-11."

This comic makes you think that this was not a 9-11 parody, but the real incident. The deviantart description says its the fish gangs first ever prank, which means this is before comic 20, and the date shown on the Comic is September 11, 2001. However, this is one of the many 9-11 parodies in The Air Ride Series, as Comic 83 is confirmed to have been how 9-11 actually went in The Air Ride Series. However, 83 was not planned when Comic 21 was made.

The Neon Tetra's Plane is in perfect shape, despite how in 9-11, the plane crashes into the Twin Towers.

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