Characters Edit

Comic 30

White Kirby

Blue Kirby

Green Kirby

Kirby (debut)

King Dedede (Debut)




Trivia Edit

This is the end of the Tenrien era that started in Comic 13:The Stars.

This is antasma and green kirbys only appearance in the picking up era.

  • Antasma was supposed to be a main character in the comics, making recurring appearances in the classic era comics, making this the end of his long hideaous.
  • Ironically, Green Kirby was planned to be the most recurring of the Minor 4 Kirbys in comics. So far, he rarely appeared, and this is possibly his first speaking role.

Antasma barely had any room to fit into when poyo ride made the comic, and the spot he was in was possibly the only spot he could be.

Ridley started to become a common character in the comics, starting with this comic.

  • He, however, broke his trend, by not appearing in the next comic, due to being overused.

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