Comic 31:Character Unition, is the first Rejeng era comic. It has a lot of old, cut characters.

Comic 31

Characters Edit

White Kirby

Orange Kirby

Stadium Prediction

Dyna Blades Mom

Jumping Assbot

Green Kirby


Silver Kirby

Red Kirby

Yellow Kirby

Neon Tetra


Metal Man

Trivia Edit

Most of the characters here have not been in a comic since the classic era.

2 people at the welcome party are supposed to be part of the 4 main characters.

The Bitterling was supposed to appear in this comic.

The banner says "Sponsored by Era 3", thh era this comic is in.

The Stadium Prediction mentoins Ridley.

According to Dyna Blades Mom, Techno Music is playing in the background, but the viewers can't hear it.

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