Plot Edit

Comic 36
White Kirby is going to press the Call for help button on the elevator.

Remake differencesEdit

Blue Kirby, Yellow Kirby, and Antasma cut.

Poyo got a vastly different line.

Zapdos says it instead of that when he says, "I wouldn't do it if I were you." His line also got shorter.

Rayquaza and Jumping Assbot also got a shorter line.
Comic 36.5


Trivia Edit

This comic is Poyo Ride's all time favorite comic. He even remade it to double the quality.

This was inspired by a time Poyo Ride had at an apartment. His cousin took him and his sister on a bunch of trips down the elevator and onto different floors. Some characters represent events there.

  • White Kirby represents the time when Poyo Ride accidentaly pressed the Call for Help button. Nobody actually found them, it is unknown if they even got the call.
  • Rayquaza represents them smashing a can of sierra mist in the garage.
  • Jumping Assbot represents them jumping in the elevator.
  • Red Kirby represents the time when Poyo Ride got locked out and ran downstairs to the garage floor, and waited by the elevator entrance for his companions.

First appearance of Poyo Ride in a comic.

The elevator in the remake is the same as the one in GKAR's elevator comic. As Poyo did not want to use the same elevator, he had to pick a new one. He reconiged one elevator from a GKAR comic and used it.

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