Comic 40

The Mayflowers Voyage is the fortieth comic in The Air Ride Series. In it, the shadow star breaks the mayflower by sticking his IPhone in the Mayflower's historically inaccurate engine.


Comic 40 Remake With SS Quote
This is one of the few remade comics. Poyo Ride claims that he remade it due to the quality of the comic.


The ship is in actual water, not some white water.

The Mayflower and Titanic are no longer hand drawn.

White Kirby uses correct punctuation.

The Shadow star has success eyes.


Trivia Edit

This Comic was inspired by a drawing in Poyo Ride's History Spiral.

This Comic was the inspiration for Comic 80. Due to the Titanic in the background, Poyo and his friend made Comic 80 about the Titanic.

Despite the Titanic being shown in the background, it sunk way after the mayflowers voyage.

The Mayflower did not have an engine, being a sailboat made in the 1600's.

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