Plot Edit

This comic shows a lobby in Call of duty, and a match. White is playing CoD, but he finds a bunch of other

Comic 61

characters in the lobby.

Characters Edit

In Person Edit

White Kirby

Heard Edit

Dyna Blade

Blue Kirby

Shadow Star


Metal Man

Jumping Assbot

Yellow Kirby

Dyna Blades Mom

Red Kirby


Purple Kirby (GKAR)


Bold=Not confirmed theyre that character, but pretty damn obivous.

Italic=Even though the names in the match are hard to read, italic characters do not appear to be in the match.

Errors Edit

The lobby shows The City as the stage, but the stage is a different one.

Trivia Edit

The startup screen on the first panel is the startup screen for Modern Warfare, but it says Call of Duty, Kirby Warfare.

One of the names in the lobby is PURPLE ASS. This is a refrence to GKAR Comic 18, where Purple Kirby was Purple Ass in CoD.

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