Plot Edit

This comic is about the Splatfest Roller Coasters VS Water Slides. The villains picked roller coasters, and the

Comic 64

heroes picked water slides. The roller coaster broke. (presumably by Dyna Blade) The comic also encourages people to vote Water Slides and says to vote youre favorite in the comments below.

Characters Edit

Blue Kirby

Yellow Kirby


King Dedede

Dyna Blade

White Kirby

Red Kirby

Green Kirby

Purple Kirby

Carbon Kirby (Debut)

Poyo Ride


Lucario Sinnoh


Comic 64 remake
Poyo Ride says the original roller coaster section was not bad. However, he says the water slide part is pretty bad. He remade the whole water slide section while tweaking the roller coaster section.


The text at the bottom is removed, and the top text is changed a little, since the splatfest passed.

Roller Coaster SideEdit

This comic was made when Iwata was recently dead, however, the remake was made in April 2016, so the hidden text saying RIP Iwata was removed.

King K. Rool replaces Dedede.

Water SlideEdit

Rocky and Carbon Kirby are removed.

Poyo Ride is farther down the water slide, and on the Pink one.

Lucario is moved to the blue slide.

Miss Robot appears, falling off one of the water slides.

Trivia Edit

This was supposed to be an EX Comic.

If one looks closely on the roller coaster picture, they can see the words RIP Iwata, as Iwata sadly died recently before the comic was made.

Purple and Green Kirby's model in the comic is a recolor of Reds in the same comic.

Pink Kirby was supposed to be in the comic, but was replaced with Carbon.

Poyo Ride wants to go on that "sexy pink water slide Lucario is riding" in real life.

  • In the remake, Poyo Ride was moved from the blue slide to the pink slide.

Mewtwo seems to be smiling in the comic.

While Comic 142 was the last comic in the order to be made before the switch to Poyo's laptop, this was really the last comic made on Poyo's computer before the switch. This, along with 2 other remakes were made after Comic 142 before the switch happened.

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