Kirby Making Order Edit

Comic 71

A first for Comics, Poyo Ride revealed the order he put the characters into the comic.

  1. White Kirby
  2. Red Kirby
  3. Pink Kirby
  4. Purple Kirby
  5. Yellow Kirby
  6. Brown Kirby
  7. Blue Kirby
  8. Silver Kirby

Errors Edit

None of the Kirbys hold a Splatoon weapon.

Trivia Edit

Previously, the Splatoon teams had Green on the Villiain team, and Pink on the good team most of the time. This comic changes it up, having Green on the good team, and Pink on the Villain team. Even though Green does not appear in the comic, he is on the team with White, Purple, and Red, as confirmed by Poyo Ride.

This is the first Comic to have exactaly 7 of the playable Kirbys in Air Ride appear, as Green is absent, though, in total, it has 8.

As said above, this is the first comic to have a Kirby Production order.

This comic ends Silver Kirbys long hiadeus. He was not acknoluged on the deviantart Kirby Production Order, due to him being a secret on deviantart, but here, he's not. He was the last one put in the comic.

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