Fawful Talks is the 90'th comic in The Air Ride Series.
Comic 90

Trivia Edit

This comic is LONG OVERDUE! This would have been in the early 30's, but as comics went on, this idea flew out of Poyo's head until he decided he had to make this.

This comic is the first comic on deviantart to mention Silver Kirby in the description. This is also the first comic to mention Silver Kirby when Fawful says "That other kirby you see in the top left is coming back from a long hiadeus."

  • This also ends Silver Kirby's long hiadeus.

Fawful's sentence is full of missing punctuation and capatial letters.

Fawful mentions the Antasma Trilogy will be a long comic, and not just a bunch of comics. He also mentions that Poyo Ride fucked up the meaning of Trilogy. (Trilogy means a 3 part series, while Poyo used it as if it referred to a story about a character.)

Comic 29 is refrenced.

Poyo Ride was hunting for a shiny jigglypuff when he was making the comic.

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