Comic 96

The Assassination of John F Kennedy is the 96th comic in TARS, where Dwight D Eisenhower shoots John F Kennedy via Miss Robot.

Characters Edit

Mr. Ridaire

John F Kennedy (Debut)

Mrs. AMP

Miss Robot (Debut)

White Kirby

Silver Kirby

Dwight D Eisenhower (Debut)

Lyndon B Johnson (Debut)

Inconsisties Edit

This comic has a few inconsisties with the real assassination of President Kennedy.

  • John F Kennedy was not assassinated in a school during an assembly. He was assassinated in Dallas, Texas while driving a limo.
  • In the Comic, Dwight D. Eisenhower assasinates the president via hacking into Miss Robot. In reality, Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president directly.

Trivia Edit

Kennedy's death was originally going to involve all of the students shooting him at the same time, and the teachers would figure that out later. However, it was rejected because it would be obivous that everybody shot him.

This marks the first appearance of Miss Robot.

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