220px-Corrin SSB4

"You're just jealous that I got in Smash as DLC."


Corrin is a character in The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

Corrin is similar to Bayonetta. He got into Smash Bros instead of people like King K. Rool. Unlike Bayonetta, where people are only mad at her, the whole city of Crappy Town HATES Corrin. Unlike Bayonetta, Corrin was not requested... at all. In fact, Corrin got to be in because he asked, and K. Rool asked too, and nicely, but he didn't get in.

Personality Edit

Corrin brags about his inclusion in Smash 4, much to the annoyance of his peers. In fact, one time, Wolf got so annoyed he pulled his Landmaster out and shot Corrin in the Asshole.

Trivia Edit

Rayquaza sued Corrin for a million bucks because Corrin's up special move in SSB4 used the name of Rayquaza's signature move. (They're both called Dragon Ascent.)

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