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Crappy Town Academy is a school located in Crappy Town. It is the best school in the state of China. It is blue, unlike Ride Schools reddish brown color, which makes it 2 million times sexier. However, in 2015, many teachers quit to pursue better jobs, and considering Ride School, one of the other Crappy Town schools, was engulfed in lava, many Ride School teachers transferred here, including the infamous Miss Robot, who destroyed Ride School. Also the amazingly well behaved students of that school go here now. Uh oh. The school was officialy revealed on August 5th, 2016.


Miss Android (Name not Final)

Mrs. AMP

Miss Robot

Miss Plane


​Stupidstar SagaEdit

CTA appears as one of the final locations. It is split into sections, Hallway, Gym, Cafeteria, and Office. Other than hallway, the only room required to visit is the fitness room, which is where Kirby's battle takes place. However, a secret boss, Alakazam, appears in the Cafe.





​Fitness RoomEdit

Kirby (BOSS)



Alakazam (BOSS)








This school will introduce wave 2 of the Miss Robots. Wave 1 was 1.0.-11.0., who were introduced in Ride School. This one will have 12.0.-???.0.

Poyo Ride had the schools name and color planned for a while.

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