Dr. Light is a character in The Air Ride Series.


Dr. Light is the maker of several peaceful robots. He made two household robots to help him, Rock and Roll. He also made 6 other robots that got stolen by Wily, and he converted Rock into Mega Man so he could fight and protect Crappy Town. He usually stays in his laborotory and works on robots to help mankind. He is universally hated by the entirety of Crappy Town.


3.5/4 people in Crappy Town are very mean and jerks. Dr. Light is in the 0.5 category containing all of the nice people. He is generally nice, and loves making robots to help Crappy Town grow, like it would work. He is probabaly the nicest person in Crappy Town, along with Mega Man and Roll. This leads him to be hated by most of Crappy Town, and their perferred robot inventor is Dr. Blade, making robots out of her shit and Kirbys asshole.


Dr. Light appears in the Wily Castle stage as a secret boss. He has no attacks, simply walking around the stage. He dies in one hit. Even if you ignore him, he will still likely die as there is probably another boss in the stage too. If you run into him, it heals you.

If the game ends when Dr. Light is still alive, he will win the match.

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