Dr. Mario packing heat

Dr. Mario packing heat

Dr. Mario is a character from The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

Dr Mario is the Crappy Town Doctor. Too bad he sucks at his job. He always gives his patients his "Healthy Pills" (Which are DRUGS) and he likes to give people booboos. He has burned down the hospital about a million times.


Dr. Mario seems to like hurting people. He doesn't care at all for his paitents and wants to make them super unhealthy.


Dr. Mario appears in SMSB. He does not play like mario. He has his own moveset.


Special MovesEdit

Netural Special-Dr. Mario throws one of his "healthy pills." They don't bounce.

Side Special-Dr. Mario swings the hammer item once.

Final Smash:Waiting Room-Dr. Mario turns around, and finds the waiting room, showing 8 fighters who aren't in the match stunned or lying down. Dr. Mario throws a bomb there, and the place burns down. If the match is in the building, such as The Office or Ride School, the building will be shown on fire before we see the stage on fire, damaging everybody on stage. If its not in a building, the stage will still be on fire.

Trivia  Edit

Dr. Mario was originally supposed to be like Ganondorf, saying he was not a clone of Mario.

Dr. Mario's final smash in SMSB is based off of Fail 101 in 100 ways to not succed in SSB Wii U, by Mankalor. In Fail 101, Toon Link is star ko'd by a Mewtwo, and lands in the hospital, where Dr. Mario treats him badly, before the waiting room is shown, with fighters previsouly injured in other fails. Dr. Mario throws a smart bomb there, and burns the hospital.

A very similar Dr. Mario is in GKAR. Poyo Ride will make it as if they don't know each other, or make them the same Doctor.

Dr. Mario invented cancer.

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