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"Hey Dreamland! I finally made a facebook and my babies are defenitaly not dead. SQUWAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK"
      —Dyna Blade's first Facebook Post
      —Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade is a main character in The Air Ride Series. She is one of the main characters, along with White Kirby and Blue Kirby.

Dyna Blade is 1st on the Character Tier List. She is one of the funniest characters in the series, in Poyo Ride's opinion. She also makes a lot of comic appearances, but unlike characters like Miss Robot and Mettaton, she didn't just appear one day and became a main character two comics later. She was there from the start, and showed up about every other comic. Her appearance rate did drop due to Miss Robot and Mettaton, alongside other characters, but she still managed to be one of the most recurring and funniest characters. While she is predictable, at the same time she may do something completely different, like in Comic 95.


Dyna blade is always yelling about random stuff, which annoys the Kirbys. She normally yells "SQUWAK" obnoxiously and annoyingly in every sentence she says. She says she is the sexiest thing to walk the planet. (Even though she's not) She also calls White Kirby and Blue Kirby's rivalry gay.

Dyna Blade always gives people boners and tramples everything.  She is famous for her Trample.


Dyna Blade is obnoxous and rude. As said above, she tramples various things, such as everything ever. She hates many of the characters, especially the Kirbies.


Every Kirby in the whole series, every single one.

Mega Man

King Dedede

Her Mom

Her little brother

Poyo Ride

Ra Moon



Dyna Blade is a fighter in SMSB.



Down Air-Dyna Blade does a trample motion, but does not go straghit down, instead going at her fall speed. Meteor Smashes Foes. 7%


Grab-Dyna Blade smashes the foe to the floor

Pummel-Dyna Blade jumps on the foe

Down Throw-Dyna Blade tramples the foe, sending them upwards. 10%

Special Moves

Netural Special:Take Off/Trample-On the ground, Dyna Blade will fly into the air, hitting anyone nearby. In the air, she will trample, going down and hitting anyone below her, meteor smashing them. 7% take off. 9% Trample.

Down special-Dyna Blade launches 3 apricot balls, like in Kirby Super Star Ultra. 2% each ball.

Up Special-Dyna Blade flies upward.

Side Special-Dyna Blade glides across part of the stage, like in Mass Attack, but smaller, hitting anyone nearby. 7%

Dyna Blade Challenge

The Dyna Blade challenge is something she does on Facebook. People, as well as other characters, answer questions.


Blue Kirby! You Didn't Finish your Essay!!!!!!!!
Kirby The Protector

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Type "Turkey is Gay" in the comments

What Color is Dyna Blades Beak?

Air Ride Pokemon

Dyna Blade appears as a pure flying type in Air Ride Pokemon.

Moves Usable

Trample (Signature Move)



Flame Charge

Flare Blitz



​Stupidstar Saga

Dyna Blade is first doing drugs when she hears about the virus infecting Crappy Town. All her chicks are sick, and they taste like shit so Dyna Blade can't eat them. White and Red arrive in the lava covered little town (thanks Groudon) Dyna Blade attacks them because she needs to blame somebody for the virus. After the fight Dyna Blade grows into super duper pooper Dyna Blade and causes the second giant battle.


Dyna Blade is a character in the Kirby Series. She first appears in Kirby Super Star, where she is terroizing Dream Land. However, she is only taking care of her chicks. She appears in Kirby Air Ride as an event. This inspired Poyo and his cousin to make her be the first TARS character.



Dyna Blades catchphrase, Squwak, is always misspelled in the series. The correct spelling is Squawk.

  • In Earlier FB posts, it was spelled as Squak

Dyna Blade hates flappy bird. Her dream high score was 2 billion before she hated the game and critisized the bird for being Mario as a yellow bird with lipstick.

After the first 39 comics, Dyna Blade became a much more recurring character.

Somehow, on Fantendo, This Dyna Blade had a page, and it was edited by a user, so that instead of being an article about this Dyna Blade, which was what it was supposed to be, (its Fantendo, dont look at me.) it was an article about the Dyna Blade from the Kirby games.

Dyna Blade is responsible for "The Kirby Massacare." It happened in 1987, where a lot of kirbys died. If it weren't for those attacks, Kirbys would massively outnumber all the other species in TARS. She also dressed up as freddy fazbear and bit someones frontal lobe off.

Dyna Blade is the reason why you're not allowed to prank call 911. Since Dyna Blades phone number is 911, she will assualt you on the phone if you prank call her.

Dyna Blade is the exact opposite of her mom. Dyna Blade hates classic stuff and her mom hates modern stuff. Dyna Blade makes fun of classic stuff, calling it gay and stupid.

Dyna Blade has chicks, however, she always eats them. She has over 9 million chicks.

Her Twitter Handle is @TARSDynaBlade

Dyna Blade was the first character made in TARS.

Dyna Blade has an IQ of -9 million.

Poyo consideres Dyna Blade to be the most innapropiate character in The Air Ride Series. He says out of all his franchises, Dyna Blade would still be the most innapropiate, barely above Granny Torrelli.

Of the 5 active facebooks during November 2015, (Dyna Blade, Dyna Blades Mom, Freddy, Springtrap, Nightmare) Dyna Blade was the only one who did not change her profile picture on November 14 to support Paris. This should be obivous why.

When playing Monopoly, Dyna Blade buys the Go! Space, so every time someone passes it, they have to pay her $200, The Jail Space so she can keep everyone in jail for as long as she wants, and the bank, so everyone goes bankrupt.

According to the comic adaption of Blackout:The Curse of Ra Moon, Dyna Blade prefers roses over daisies.

Dyna Blade owns Antartica, Mars, and The Moon. Back in 8000 B.C., Dyna Blade's Mom founded Sumer, Egypt, Europe, Athens, Japan, Asia, Antartica, Mars, and the Moon. Early Kirbies settled everywhere except the latter three. Since they were unclaimed, Dyna Blade took ownership of them. 

Dyna Blade hates winter. On a FB post, on the first day of spring, Dyna Blade said, ""WINTER SUCKS! ITS SO FUCKING COLD! WHEN I TRY TO EAT MY CHICKS , THEY TURN INTO AN ICE CUBE AND TASTE LIKE PENIS SHIT"  In comic 137, Dyna Blade also says, "WINTER SUCKS, SO IMMA PLOW YOUR SNOWMAN OVER, SQUWAK!"

Dyna Blade has more bitcoins than everybody in the world combined. She also has 182 deep web sites.

If someone pisses off Dyna Blade too much, she will do the SUPER TRAMPLE on them. So far Flowey was the only one who suffered this punishment.

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