Dyna Blades New Shoes

Modern Day Artwork of Dyna Blade's New Shoes

Dyna Blade's New Shoes is a Kirbian Myth. It was made during the early days of Planet Poopstar. Nobody knows when, because stupid ancient kirbies only cared about their crops. It was the first story made in the history of Poopstar.


Dyna Blade walks into the shoe store. But all the shoes suck dick. Dyna Blade burns down the shoe store. The end.

Dyna Blades New Shoes Old

An old fashioned cover of the novel.


While Crappy Town likes to keep the old story, (as shown above) several people tried to change the story.

  • In about 700 or some shit, the story was changed so the shoe store has no shoes.
  • In 1000, Dyna Blade instead puts grenades in the cash register.
  • In 1300, Dyna Blade instead pulls an Up and lifts the shoe store into the stratosphere with balloons. This was to make the story more kid friendly, but this was changed.
  • In 1865, Abe Lincoln decided to make Dyna Blade just leave and go to the next shoe store, but this was quickly changed.


As Dyna Blade was born in 1942, this should be impossible, but there are generations of Dyna Blades.

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