Dyna Blades Mom is a bird and Dyna Blade's Mother.

About Edit

Dyna Blades Mom is really old. She was born in the year 1, before poopstar was created, and is older than Adam and Eve. She gave Arceus the idea to create the universe. However she does not know how to use anything that is modern. (Example, she can drive a boat, but not a car.) Dyna Blade hates her.


Dyna Blade's Mom is a fairly nice bird compared to her daughter. She prays to the lord and is in 6,282 religions. She founded Sumer, Egypt, Europe, Athens, Rome, Japan, Asia, Antartica, Mars, and the Moon, and allowed people to make civilizations on her findings. She does not know how to use modern things, and she says she is still learning, but Dyna Blade says that her mom is stupid. Dyna Blade, her daughter, is much meaner than her. Kirbies did not settle on the latter 3 places I mentioned, so Dyna Blade claimed them for herself, and Dyna Blade calls every religion her mom is in stupid, and likes to trample 5,000 year old things her mom made.


In Ride School, Dyna Blades Mom was originally a student, but she is currently a Tech Teacher. She still can't work the computers, which leads to no work being done.


Netural Special-Broken Computer-Dyna Blades Mom tosses broken computers at people.

Side Special-Whip:Dyna Blade's Mom whips people like a slave master. Sometimes, she pulls out a keyboard. She uses it anyways after looking at it for 10 frames, and it breaks when it hits something.


Trivia Edit

Dyna Blades mom made an appearance in GT comic 2.

In one FB post, Nightmare tried to explain various things to Dyna Blades Mom, because she didn't know what an animatronic was. When Nightmare explains a machine, Dyna Blades Mom starts to get it a little. This is because Nightmare used the word "tool" in his description, and early humans used tools, so Dyna Blades Mom thought a Machine was a tool, like the ones used by early humans. This is one of the only times Dyna Blades Mom gets something related to mechanical stuff.

Dyna Blade's Mom was originally going to be in Air Ride Adventures, but did not make the cut, to have less characters.

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