An era is a series of comics. Each non special comic in in its own era. Comics from each era are usually different in style.

House Computer EraEdit

Genesis (Comic 1-12)Edit

The genesis era is the first era with the first comics. These comics introduced the characters.

Tenrien (Comic 13-30)Edit

The tenrien era started having the comics focus on various topics, while introducing a character every now and then. The later part of this era has become notorious for having a serious amount of Ridley appearances.

Rejeng (Comic 31-51)Edit

The rejeng era focused much less on intrducing the characters, as most of the cast was introduced, with the exception of a comic dedicated to introducing characters.

The deviantart description for Comics 45 and 46 list Comic 45 as the end of the Era.

Yvenen (Comic 52-60)Edit

Comics here started to have backgrounds

Juleny (Comic 61-75)Edit

These comics are most of the comics made in Summer 2015.

Shaertex (Comic 76-79)Edit

Perhaps the second shortest era.

Lotexhyp (Comic 80-94)Edit

Huntery (Comic 95-101)Edit

Another short era.

Shogain (comic 102-110)Edit

Enfif (Comic 111-121)Edit

These were the last 2015 comics.

Neix (Comic 122-129)Edit

These were the first 2016 comics. This was also the last era where White Kirby appeared in every comic.

Nohite (Comic 130-142)Edit

These were the last comics made on Poyo's house computer.

First Laptop EraEdit

Lapmic (Comic 143-149)Edit

First Laptop Comics

Wemcom (Comic 150-159)Edit

Modeen (Comic 160-169)Edit

Sevmoe (Comic 170-174)Edit

This is also a short era.

Retuter (Comic 175-176)Edit

This is the shortest era, with only two comics. These comics were made on Poyo's old computer, not the laptop.

Batosic (Comic 177-187)Edit

Last comics made on Poyo's laptop before getting the new sexy laptop.

New Laptop EraEdit

​Switcpica (Comic 188-Edit

Comics in this era were made on either, FireAlpaca, or Poyo's old laptop with MS Paint. (This one is usually for the longer comics.)

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