The FNAF stage is a stage in SMSB.
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overview of the stage, with no fighters, animatronics, music box bar, or anything.

Overview Edit

This stage is based off of the FNAF2 office, and the only FNAF stage in the game that is not DLC. You fight on the table, and if you fall off, you could lose a life if you do not recover. Some of the animatronics from FNAF2 attack you.

 Attacks Edit


Chica fights on the stage for a while like a fighter. She can be KO'd, but will leave after a while.

BB Edit

BB will disable special moves for a time for whichever fighter he attacks.

The Puppet (Stage Boss) Edit

At the right of the stage, theres a music box. If it is attacked, it winds up. It is pretty high up, but everyone can reach it. If it unwinds, the puppet will then do his jumpscare, having a huge hitbox, only avoided by being on the edges of the stage, and it OHKO's anyone he touches. Then he hovers onto the stage. The Puppet is the stage boss. He does not OHKO when on the stage. He attacks by spitting fireballs, iceballs, electric beams, poison blobs, and can create a shadowy clone of himself.


Chica fights like a Stage Boss in SMSB, but is considered a stage hazard, and the puppet is the boss, even though two bosses are on stages like Wily's Castle.

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