Plot Edit

Our story begins with The bus stopping at train tracks, everyone is told to be quiet. But dyna blade is yelling at the top of the lungs while White Kirby phones the driver giving false info. The bus hits a train and Pink Kirby is scared, hiding under her seat. Rocky tries to hang on to the wall, but falls down. Jumping assbot kills the driver and Blue Kirby tells him that's the 67758th one he has killed this week. White drives the bus. He, however is up to no good and blue Kirby attaches 3 banana peels with smiley faces on them. Red Kirby brings him the stash of items and the bus enters the highway. White Kirby is throwing Koopa Shells and bombs at the other drivers and breaking the speed limit. White Kirby says he unlocked a new character, Pink Gold Peach. But says she sucks and continues driving. He even hits Dr. Wilys limo. Queen Sectonia from The Lord of the Rings starts attacking the bus, and white Kirby says she is the final boss of the game. Sectonia dies in one hit thanks to the metal blade and they arrive at the Museum of science of indrusty, because White Kirby knew where they were going and no one else knew he was actually going there. Blue Kirby says "Well, looks like its back to 2nd Grade, the museum of science and boringstuff." as entering. Rocky says it looks great, much to dyna blades dismay. Dyna Blades mom says she loved this place ever since it was introduced in the year 585 BC. Dyna Blades moms favorite place is old town, where its like a town from 1901. Everyone else hates that place. Its the first stop on the map. They go to the cinema in old town, which is just a black and white screen showing a movie. White Kirby uses the hammer abilitys hammer throw to break that screen. They then go to the dentists office in old town, where Ridley is attacking the robot dentist for calling him big. Dyna Blade's Mom says that a robot destist gives you a dentist appointment like in the 1900's. White Kirby reprograms the dentist to always give bad reports and tells ridley he wants to do something funny.

Next stop is the gold mine. You ride a mine cart through a tunnel filled with real gold. Poyo Ride takes Rayquaa down there and they steal all the real gold and replace it with fake explosive replicas. Yellow then derails one of the mine carts and it crashes into a pile of gold. You know how I told you the gold was explosive, well...... there were no survivors.

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