Freddy Fazbear is a character in The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

Freddy is the main member of the Fazbear band at Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Usually his shows are extremely innapropiate, racist, stupid, and generally awful, yet his pizza place is very popular. At night, he stalks the various night guards and tries to kill them. He likes to appear during Power Outages.


Freddy is a fighter in SMSB. 


Special MovesEdit

Netural Special:Microphone Throw-Freddy throws his Microphone like a boomerang.

Side Special:Freddy Suit-Freddy Stuffs the person hit into a freddy suit. Does a lot of Damage

Up Special:

Down Special:Door-A door smashes down in front of Freddy, doing damage to anyone who hits it.

Final Smash:Power Outage-The Stage Goes Dark, and all that you can see is the fighters. You can not fall off. In a few seconds, Freddys face flickers like in the first game, and after it goes away, Freddy jumpscares everyone, killing anyone in range, before the stage goes back to normal.

Palette SwapsEdit

Recolored to look like Golden Freddy

Recolored to look like Shadow Freddy

Recolored to look like Phantom Freddy

​Megaman TARS EditionEdit

Freddy is a boss in Megaman TARS edition.


Freddy Fuckhole will teleport to a random place on the map, even in air. 3 music notes will then be shot out. He will jumpscare you if you get too close to him.

His weakness is the crown roll. However, Freddy is usually in the air, and the crown always rolls on the ground, making it hard to hit him with. Freddy is a good starting boss due to this.


Freddy's weapon is the shitty singing. 3 music notes home in on the opponet.



Freddy is Poyo Ride's favorite animatronic in FNAF.

One time, Chuck E Cheese tried to sue Freddy because he had an animatronic band like him. Freddy was doing good in the case until Banjo and Kazooie tried to sue them because of Freddy and Chica sharing the same species as Banjo and Kazooie. Then Dyna Blade came and sued freddy cuz they're both animals. Freddy lost a million dollars and had to get 8 more jobs to pay his debt.

Freddy's SMSB sprite is a recolor of Fredbear's sprite in FNaF4's Minigames.

In SMSB, Freddy floats in the air.

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