Fright to da Finish is a series of comics consists of Comic 153 Comic 154, and Comic 155. It is the first comic to be in multiple parts.

​Comic 153Edit

Comic 153

Comic 153

Dyna Blade gathers many citizens to a very important meeting. She claims a giant ship (Nightmare's Fortress) in the sky, and says
Comic 153 teaser

Comic 153 teaser

it gets in the way when she tries to shoot down planets. Dyna Blade and the rest of the crew at the meeting board the Halberd, which Dyna Blade stole from Meta Knight. Speaking of Meta Knight, during the middle of the flight, the crew encounter Meta Knight, who is riding Star Dream due to the fact his ship got stolen. Star Dream fires at the Halberd, before Meta Knight sends out Heavy Lobster to distract the characters. Due to this, Meta Knight shoots down the Halberd, which convientaly crashes on Nightmares Fortress.

Comic 154Edit

Comic 154
The crew arrives at the fortress with Meta Knight on their tail. They run for a while before Nightmare comes in and sends out a monster to defeat the crew. That monster is Flowey the Flower, who asks if they want any friendliness pellets before White runs him over with a lawn mower. Nightmare uses the opportunity to flee and strategize.

Comic 155Edit

Comic 155

Comic 155

Nightmare returns to his base in the fortress to make more monsters while Girl Scouts try and sell him cookies. Meanwhile, the gang encounter Cloudass an annoying ass monster. The Shadow Star's Mom comes in while Cloudass hits the All Patch. Nightmare tries to do a surprise attack, but is foiled by Orange Kirby, who caught him on his "security footage." (See Trivia.) Nightmare tries to attack, but White Kirby hits his sexy torando and he dies. Yellow asks how they get home, and Dyna Blade says they have to


The attack Nightmare uses against White Kirby early in Comic 154 is an attack that Poyo Ride had serious trouble dodging when playing Kirby's Adventure before trying to slide, an attack where he swoops down and tries to hit you. However, it uses the nightmare in dream land sprite.

Comic 155 is the first comic to have introduction panels.

On Comic 155, if one looks closely on Orange's Laptop, he is not on security footage, he is on PornHub.

This is not considered a long comic.

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