"IM FINALLY CONFIRMED FOR SUPER MEAT BOY 1000000000000000, as a clone of Captain Falcon."

Ganondorf is a character from The Air Ride Series.

Personality Edit

He says that he is confirmed for an upcoming title, mostly fake, (EX: SSB No Clones Edition) before saying he is a clone of Captain Falcon.


Trivia Edit

He is the olny character able to defeat Master Core on 9.0. This is basically due to Ganondorf being the first (And so far only, if hacked Mii Fighters do not count) character Poyo Ride beat Master Core on 9.0. with. (3ds Version)

Ganondorf is Poyo Rides "all game main" in Super Smash Bros. This means that he mains ganon in each game except for SSB64, because he isn't in.

  • Poyo Ride says Ganon was at his best in Melee.

The Closest Character to The Legend of Zelda Ganondorf is Brown Kirby.

Ganondorf had a personality revamp in May 2015, where he was changed to be a typical villain. His personality was changed back 7 months later as Ganondorf was unique with his old personality.